Video installation


Guy Debord in his "The Society of the Spectacle" wrote that mass media played an important role in the development of the society of the spectacle: "In societies dominated by modern conditions of production, life is presented as an immense accumulation of spectacles. Everything that was directly lived has receded into a representation." However in the case of totalitarian and authoritarian countries, television becomes the source of reality: words spoken in the news immediately change reality harder than any actions. The figure of the viewer, at the same time, remains passive although the news may have just changed his life drastically. For a half a century the news shows on Russian television are preceded by the image of the clock, in which the second hand comes to a mark of 12 hours. This makes news release and the Doomsday clock, a project of "Bulletin of Atomic Scientists" Chicago University magazine, related. If we loop the arrow, don't letting it go over the mark of 12, putting it back, then the particular waiting for a news release or for an atomic explosion which does not start would be spilled in the air. The project visualizes this tedious waiting for Godot, which could be felt in the atmosphere now.