Acril, canvas, light, installation


    In the project "Cyberpunk Dictionary" I am assembling a new reality out of spilling contemporaneity: a reality of the future where (or when) human nature still remains untouched. The future hides from the unavoidable boredom of contemporaneity inside invisible artifacts of reality and practices of marginal communities, on the edge of the norm, obedience, legitimacy and language. Usually a dictionary creates a discursive clone of reality to make it foreseeable and subdue it to symbolic order and discipline of alphabet order. In my dictionary the future denotes its presence with neon tags of signboards, glowing bodies of the night city. Those are the bodies of dictionary's speech, signs of its hybrid reality. Fonts and shapes, colors and backgrounds are the intonation of its speech. The street lights is present in the night city since the XVIII century when it was first introduced by authorities to reduce crime rate - and street lights quickly became gallows in the first months of The French Revolution. At night city changes its language. Night language is freer and more dangerous then day's, it emits waves of temptation. The neon light, spectacular and ruthless, marks the border between norm and perversion, social subjection and individual domination, border of a freedom and a crime. It illuminates, as an open scene, semi-decomposed texture of the streets and promises the future. It uncovers feelings, these brides of neon suns, under which illusions bloom and decay. Feelings, as signboards, is a quick response on the love of others. Neon light creates its own space: entertaining and alienating the observer from the everyday life and theyself. The ability to isolate a space from the world made it the agent of bourgeois individualism and a small business: the shining of the neon connects trade fetishism and allurement of the future that could never be unfashionable. Cyberpunk aesthetics of neon signs seizes shawarma kiosks, sex shops and currency exchange points. They are sprayed all over the city like a shadow economy of promises, secured only by the hopes for the future. "Cyberpunk dictionary" is the image of these hopes, which find those who need them - as all illusions should. (Alexander Evangely)