Total installation

Solo project

Slogans and leaflets were created in collaboration with Alexey Boriskin


Fundamental warming manifesto

    The human mind has called its fear of icy breath of cosmos a "heat death". Invisible civilizations of dark matter and its agents on the Earth wish the triumph of cold. They have set a annual average temperature in Russia to −5.5 °С and made it cold's stronghold. Russian cold have been enslaving bodies and slowed down minds of many generations born in its boundless snowy expanses. However, the space itself resisted to the absolute power of the cold and carried the desire of living heat through generations.
    Today we can see the historic forms of this resistance: Duchess Olga has warmed the country with pagans; Napoleon has melted russian ice with the Moscow fire; "The victory over the Sun" claimed the cosmic scale of terrestrial heat. Russian cosmism, foreseeing the power of man over death, helped to create the first rockets, opening the space age.
    Aware of their responsibility to the planet, baffled by global warming, the heat rebels must make it clear: we call for a decisive "No!" to the dark civilizations and their agents in world governments that have subordinated humanity to their power – the power of cosmic cold.
We can and must make the universe the arena of the fight with the cold and embark on the path of thermal immortality. To retreat or to relax means to let the cold into the heart and let him enslave the mind. Everyone to fight the factories of snow and refrigerating machines, located in ten regions of Russia, where the temperature drops below -60° C.

Cold, snow and ice are evil!
Build thermal domes over cities!
Make campfires!
Everyone's duty is to warm themselves, people and space around!
Everyone to fight snowdrifts and entropy!
Our thermal machines will help with this!
We'll melt the white silence!
Let's free the shackles of cold, liberate humanity!
Russia will not be cold!