The concept of the work was created in collaboration with Alexey Boriskin

5 digital prints

55х50 cm


    In the Ram Koolhaas' book "Junkspace" he tells about a project of endless building that was made possible thanks to the air conditioning systems. "The Junkspace is the product of an encounter between escalator and air-conditioning, conceived in an incubator of Sheetrock. All architects may unwittingly be working on the same building, so far separate, but with hidden receptors that will eventually make it cohere."
    Shopping malls are the nodal points of junk space civilization, the utopia of unlimited and self-sufficient consumption environment that could exist even in an airless space. The consumer space of shopping mall is put inside of the space that didn't happen. Communist project of upbringing a new man has turned into a machine of endless serving his old needs. Dreams of science fiction writers and all the humankind came true in a perverted, corrupt way. A man goes to space inside the comfortable shell of fast food restaurants and brand clothing stores.
    My work is a visualization of a "country of happy people" for a well-educated and technologically advanced inhabitants of Swiftian Laputa, where space lords of failed future will find the rest and tranquility.